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Our Example: kersaint cobb and Co Pampas Herringbone – £42.19 per m2. carpet fitting cost. Another key consideration for homeowners wanting to lay a new carpet is the cost of installation. This can vary, depending on room size, shape, labour, furniture removals etc. – but what is the average cost to install carpet, per square metre?

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Cost of carpet fitting per m 2 . Carpet is measured in square metres, so it can be easier to estimate the cost of a new carpet when you know the price to fit a single m². The cost of carpet from type to type can vary significantly. However, the average price for fitting a standard quality new carpet will be between £3 and £10 per m 2. If you …

For example, rates for cleaning a carpet can start from $2.5/m2, cleaning your bathroom tiles can cost between $2.5 and $5.5 per m2, whereas cleaning your house may start at $2/m2 and increase even up to $20-$35 per square metre e.g. for cleaning work after builders in a new or renovated house.