Oxymagic is the ONLY carpet cleaning franchise in the USA with it’s own green seal certified product. For many years, customers thought the only way to get their carpets clean was to use a steam cleaner – which resulted in carpet that stayed wet for days & sometimes smelled liked mold & mildew.

Professional grade carpet cleaners are built to provide the suction required to extract heavy water from your carpet, which will help your carpet to fully dry after a thorough cleaning.

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Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning St. Louis, MO is a step above modern carpet cleaning. Traditional cleaners use harmful chemicals, soaps, and detergents that drench carpet and leave a chemical residue. Over time, that residue and excess water can damage carpet padding and attract additional dirt and grime. This can lead to discoloration and a foul odor.

With some machines, drying takes 4-5 hours, but for those that use more water, carpets can take up to 24 hours after being cleaned to fully dry … of cleaners, this carpet cleaner will do …

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After cleaning … the carpet cleaner was ready to roll. You push a large red on/off button to turn it on and the cleaner is away. The Bissell PowerClean can do both a wet and a dry clean and …

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While a vacuum cleaner will get rid of everyday dust and dirt from your home, a carpet cleaner promises to do … dry. Lastly, we love the upholstery attachment as it made light work of cleaning …